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Almighty Corporation

PnW's financial innovator

Welcome to Almighty Corporate!

The Almighty Corporation was founded and listed publically on the 3rd April 2020 and has been trading since. The company originally started as an average PnW bank offering basic loans using the PMT formula. However, since July 2020 under the leadership of Tom_SW the company has changed it's focus onto developing innovative technologies. On the 25th February 2022 ALMC was taken into private ownership with Tom_SW buying out the remaining shareholders for a total of $2,126,340,000 this move allowed our company to further focus on offering free products to all the nations of Orbis and gave the company freedom to invest in riskier ventures.

Current Ownership

Nation Name Nation ID Shares Stake (%)
Maerrunoria 193160 989,000 98.90%
Oceani 270309 10,000 1.00%
ToxicPepper 144769 1,000 0.10%

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