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Almighty Corporation - Charter

Article One
Section One - User Accounts
ALMC offers clients an innovative account system which allows them to interact with all ALMC services as well as store cash and a selected amount of nation resources. While we stress assets stored in these accounts are safe, we offer a limited guarantee of 50 Mn; this does not cover war related issues. In the event of an attack on ALMC account users may get some notice to withdraw (*at the discretion of the CEO) and if they feel they'll need their assets within the duration of the conflict, they must withdraw during the given withdrawal period. Any assets which are not withdrawn will be safely stored away and will be inaccessible until the war is over.

When a user is declared in breach of their contract with ALMC their user account may be subject to a number of penalties such as but not limited to: levied fines, asset freezes, asset seizures and the termination of an ALMC account. An account could be subject to these penalties for a number of reasons which are but not limited to: Defaulting a loan, exploiting system errors (bugs) and the corporation may freeze/seize assets at the request of another bank if sufficient evidence is provided.

ALMC provides users with a detailed log of their transaction history. If you experience any issues with our system you must inform us within 30 days for any chance of an asset refund, additionally you must be able to provide us with a relevant explaination and transaction numbers for any investigation to take hold.

Some account withdrawals may be subject to transaction fees - see table below:

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