Almighty Corporation Governing Charter
The Almighty Corporation was founded on the date of April 3, 2020. It was founded after a meeting between God and the Pope. They decided to descend to the mortal realm and achieve their goals. They gave it two purposes: to spread their influence over the mortal realms and to provide help to their inhabitants. So, from then on this company has existed to provide services such as Loans, Shares and technological advancement.
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References to "ALMC", "we" or "the corporation" referes to the Almighty Corporation and it's subsidiaries.
References to "you" referes to you as the customer/user.

Definition of Account (SECTION ONE)
Almighty Corporation accounts are provided to any* nation in Orbis free of charge*. This account allows users to access ALMC Services and also acts as a place to safe keep assets should one require it.
Balances, Assets & Insurance (SECTION TWO)
ALMC accounts can be withdrawn from any* time 24 hours a day* due to the powerful automation on our website, however, during times of conflict or site downtime ALMC account balances will become inaccessible. In the event of a long period of site downtime (over 24 hours) withdrawals may be offered on a manual basis. During periods of war when all ALMC assets (including account balances) are in one of 3 of our offshore locations assets will not be available for withdrawal but can still be used on the ALMC platform for purchases and loan repayments.

Should it be necessary your assets may be seized or frozen by the Corporation for a number of reasons which are but not limited to: You are in breach of ALMC terms of service, you become inactive on politics and war (over 60 days inactive) without notifying us before hand (includes Vacation Mode), An independent and trusted business or body approaches us with sufficient evidence to find you guilty of: stealing money or defaulting on a loan.

ALMC accounts do not have an official insurance, however, as the corporation who is protecting your assets we put losses against our own assets before we would against yours. It is a necessity to reiterate that the risk of lossing assets which are in your ALMC account is extremely low due to the protective measures we put in place if attacked. NOTE ALMC will never willingly put any of your assets at risk without your direct consent.

Technical Issues (SECTION THREE)
If there is an issue with a transaction you must report the issue to us within 30 days of it occurring otherwise we may not reimburse you with any potential losses. If you cannot provide a transaction in your transaction history or cannot provide us with its transaction number or any other evidence such as bank transfers we cannot assist you.

If you fail to report any major bugs or exploits within 48 hours of discovery your ALMC account will be permanently terminated.

Cyber Security (SECTION FOUR)
ALMC will adhere to any GDPR freedom of information requests in line with UK parliament General Data Protection Regulation under article 15, while the data we hold about your nation isn't considered "personal" we still believe we have a moral obligation to abide by this. The same goes to if we ever unfortinately have a data breach, we will be sure to notify you as soon as possible if this happens and additional security measures will be taken.

Our website and database uses the lastest* and most secure* encryption methods which ensures it's near impossible for anyone to crack your password or monitor your traffic between you and the ALMC site.

In relation to the above cyber attacks targeted at any ALMC service will not be tolerated, it is important to emphasise no matter the size of a website, attacks of this nature are highly illegal. Any attacks of this nature will be reported to relevant authorities in a timely manner.
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There are 1,000,000 stocks in total, out of which currently 1,000,000 are in public circulation. The corporation has the remaining 0 shares. After all shares have been sold no more will be available until further notice. In the stock market, the corporation and the staff members are separate entities. Stocks owned by staff and the corporation are counted separately.
Voting & Amendments (SECTION TWO)
The future of the corporation is decided by majority votes. Majority votes (50.1%+ acceptance) required for changes to the system.
Authority (SECTION ONE)
The corporation holds the right to garnish, freeze, or confiscate any stocks held by inactive players. Inactive players can include: anyone inactive on discord, anyone inactive on P&W* and anyone who goes on vacation mode without notifying us.

If one takes money from the corporation and doesn’t return it on time, the corporation has the right to charge the client additional fees, but if the said client refuses to pay back the money, the corporation has full authority to use any means necessary, regardless of external forces.

The corporation and the staff are neutral in any and all conflicts. The staff will not refuse to lend money for reasons such as ‘being an enemy of a staff member or Alliance’, for any other reason the bank has the right to deny loan requests to any customer.

When one is deemed in breach of contract the corporation holds the right to confiscate shares, bonds balances, account balances and any other assets held in the corporation. The corporation also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently blacklist/ban any user in breach of contract; in these instances, the account holder’s ALMC account will be confiscated and deleted.

Memers of the Board (SECTION TWO)
Alfred Chambers
(Chief Executive Officer) (Director of Tech) (Director of Banking)

(Chief Financial Officer) (Director of Gambling Services)

Duck Jesus
(Chief Operating Officer)

(Director of Trade and Resources)
Availing any services provided by the corporation means that you agree to the terms of the corporation.